CNC machines
KOSY2-MCS CNC machine
Version with table size A4
  KOSY4 CNC machine
Version with table size A4
KOSYportal machine
Version with table size 600 x 800 mm,
vacuum fixing and protection cell
  KOSYdispence machine
Dispence and Casting maschines
The coordinate table system KOSY is a complete milling center in table size. With it's components:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Teachware and
  • Support

  • it opens the way from the idea to the produced workpiece.

    The KOSY CNC machines are suited for the milling of:
  • wood,
  • plastics,
  • fiber-reinforced composites,
  • aluminum, brass, copper,
  • special ceramics ...

  • Therefore we offer a wide variety of milling spindles as well as accessories.
    Apart from its base function as milling, drilling and engraving the machines can be used for other purposes as dispensing, positioning, control and automation.
    KOSY3 – the KOSY CNC machines of the 3rd generation – with multi processor control (MCS) and micro stepping drives are available in the table sizes A4, A3 and A3long. These machines are very resistant to vibration and displacement. So they satisfy highest demands.

    KOSY4 maschines are further developed machines of the KOSY3 series. The protection hood can be disassembled and parts replacet seperately. The control is integrated in the back of the machine. Technology of KOSY4 is almost equal to KOSY3 series

    The machines KOSY2-MCS are also equipped with the multi processor control. They are much lighter compared to the same table size KOSY3 machine. So their usability is much more flexible. They are available in the table sizes A4, A3, A3long and A1.

    The simple construction and efficient manufacturing makes our KOSY2-MCS Low-Cost-System very affordable. It is available in the table sizes A5 and A5long.

    The CNC machines KOSYportal are suited for milling of large and heavy work pieces, because these machines move the milling tool in all axes and not the machine table.

    The CNC machines KOSYspecial are manufactured by special requirements of the customer.

    The CNC machines KOSYdispence can be used for various dispencing, casting or gluing applications. Cartridge, bucket and barrel systems are possible.
    KOSY fields of application:
    Manufacturing of small and medium series, sample construction, prototyping, automation
    Architecture models, design prototypes, signs, art, instruments
    Model maker:
    moulds, layer models
    Hobby model maker:
    aviation models, ships, railway, buildings, landscapes
    basic schools, high schools, CNC/CAD/CAM training